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Your wants are not a coincidence - what you want, wants you - it’s your soul signaling your path.

Finding out how our desires, the things we want, what fascinates us and pulls our interest is no coincidence has been such a sweet revelation for me. Something I knew was true in my younger years. I even remember having discussions about this: Why should I grow up and do things I don’t want to do? Answer: Because that’s how the world works, that’s how you make money. That’s just how it is. Only doing what you want to do is childish and selfish.

That always felt so deeply incorrect, but looking back now, it’s what I ended up in nonetheless. A beautiful lesson to be learnt!

Through life coaching ( I am a certified life coach through Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School) I’ve learned how to discover which thoughts run most of our feelings and actions. How the outcome of things is connected with the thoughts you have about it. Such an amazing lesson to learn! The magic of seeing through patterns and limiting beliefs. This is the unconscious work that will uplevel your life as soon as you start to apply it. (this is what I teach in my coaching sessions. If you want to work with me on this, send me a message and we’ll schedule your first appointment so we can get started asap!).

Through human design I’ve learned how the things you want, you desire, which fascinate you, are never EVER random.This is your soul's way of communicating with you. This is right for you (I want it, I desire it, it fascinates me) and this is not the right fit for you (I feel ‘meh’ about it, I dread it, I feel the life being sucked out of me, I feel bored, depleted and I really don’t feel like doing this).

I wondered the last couple of years how such an energetic and passionate fun loving person like me could have become such a dull gray mouse with hardly any energy or passion or fun. At the same time my life was filled to the brim with everything I HAD to do. The things I wanted to do never made it to the top of my list. By the time I actually had time to do what I wanted to do…. I was depleted, exhausted and all I wanted to do was binge watch good feeling shows (to get a bit of good feelings in) and sleep.

That definitely was not sustainable and after a few years it all came crashing down. And now I am a better person because of it. Better meaning: I take better care of myself, I feel better, happier, in touch with myself, my life. I’m a nicer mom, a passionate person, energized and resting when I need to (read about the power of resting here).

Treat your wants as a precious means of communication from your soul.

So if I could teach you this one thing today I hope it can be this: Start reconnecting to your wants. Treat your wants as a precious means of communication from your soul. Your purpose. Start acknowledging your wants. Listen to them, talk to them. If you are not ready to follow your wants because it is too big of a step, say this: I hear what you want, I’ll write it down. I hear you and I acknowledge you. Rightnow I feel I’m not ready to make this decision, but one day I will. Keep on telling me what you like, I will listen. When the time is right, I will act on it. This goes for your wants, desires, interests and what fascinates you. Things that make your heart beat faster (in a nice way), things that pull you in in a healthy way.

Are there exceptions? of course! Binging on whatever substance or media. Thinking you want things so you can buffer and not have to focus on what really is going on doesn’t count as your soul signaling to you. How will you know? By how it will make you feel afterwards. If you feel happier, satisfied, fulfilled, energized, recharged etc you know it was right for you. If you feel depleted, guilty, unhappy, unhealthy, bad etc afterwards, you know you were led by a false desire.

False desires are something to do coaching on. So very helpful and so much easier to break this pattern than you might think! Awareness is the key.

So my friends, I hope this message finds you well.

If you would like coaching and /or a human design reading, please reach out by sending me a message. We’ll schedule an appointment and your life will shift in ways you didn’t know were easily available for you.

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