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Your unconscious thoughts are messing with you; this is why you don’t get the results you desire.

4 clear steps to uncover your unconscious thoughts and how to get yourself unstuck.

If you’ve been somewhat familiar with coaching, self help and mindfulness you’ve heard over and over about the importance of thought work. So now you try to think good thoughts, positive thoughts and steer away from all the thoughts that are negative. Or finding gazillions of reasons why those negative thoughts actually are legit to bend the process. We no longer want to be around toxic people and somehow setting better boundaries seems to be an important solution.

And you work hard on all of that. You’re really doing the work most of the time, but yet… you still don’t feel as fulfilled, joyful, understood, loved and or successful as you desire. You know life has more in store for you, but somehow you’re not uplevelling. You feel stuck.

The missing link here are your unconscious thoughts. And they truly are unconscious, well hidden in patterns and beliefs that are so natural to you that it is impossible for you to see them. Until now. Now you’re reading this and this is your first step to uncovering your unconscious thoughts.

Uncovering your unconscious thoughts is crucial if you desire to create lasting change. It cannot be done without uncovering the unconscious thoughts. Why?

Our mind is designed to keep us safe. The mind doesn’t like failure, pain or anything that could potentially harm you physically or mentally. So the mind starts piecing together things that have happened that hurt us and it creates rules around those events to make sure we don’t feel like that again.

The mind communicates these rules in the shape of beliefs and it creates patterns. These patterns are becoming more and more efficient the more they have been used. Imagine a path you need to climb - your first attempt you stumble, lose balance and are slow, but after going down the same path 100 times, you’ll easily jump over hurdles and you’ll be very quick. The mind works the same.

So whenever something happens, within a fraction of a second your mind will produce a thought about what just happened. This will happen so fast you are not aware of it at all. The first thing you notice is the way you feel. And then you think: I don’t want to feel like this, this person shouldn’t be doing this… I shouldn’t be treated like this, etc.

But here’s a nice truthbomb for you… your feelings are always caused by your own thoughts. ALWAYS. No exception. This is a major topic to wrap your mind around and you probably need some time to get used to this idea.

A bit of a cruel but very clear example to help you gain insight: Let’s say you own a cat. Without you knowing, your cat has just died. Since you haven’t heard it yet, your day continues as it was. You don't feel any different yet. Your feelings about your cat are still neutral. Until you become aware of your cat’s death. That's the moment when you start to have a lot of feelings about it. And a lot of thoughts. Actually first the thoughts and then the feelings.

Now the most amazing news here is that you can learn to do this thought work! And with doing this level of thoughtwork, you are well on your way to set yourself free from whatever was keeping you stuck and making you feel miserable. When you master this thoughtwork, you’re setting yourself free.

It will take time and practice and you won’t get it right in just 1 go. By simply reading this, parking it somewhere in your mind you will not be able to do this work. It will take time and devotion.

Still interested?

Great! I’ll teach you the first steps so keep on reading. I will be teaching a course on this topic in January 2022. So if you want to dive deeper in this work, sign up! It’s only $40. I’ll be teaching all this material in depth by video and there will be 2 live group sessions to practise and learn from each other (very beneficial to work in a group because you’ll learn from all the other examples). A PDF of all the material will be included as well.

How to find these super fast unconscious thoughts?

Step one is always to become aware of the concept. My example with the cat, try to think of other examples. And notice all the situations and examples that are popping up of which you are sure what I’m saying here cannot be right. And how desperate you are to prove me wrong.