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This is why your desired results aren't showing up

You're following all the right steps but results aren't showing up.

You're not signing (enough) paying clients.

And you're starting to feel like a failure, a fraude or a fake and believing in yourself and marketing yourself becomes harder and harder…

You see others growing their numbers (number of clients, revenue, social following) and you're starting to doubt whether or not this path is truly available for you.

This journey you started with so much excitement is now quickly changing into a challenging and exhausting experience.

Don't give up! If you're willing to give it another shot, keep reading.

Why am I not seeing the results I desire?

Next to learning all the steps to market and grow your business it's equally important (but not much talked about because it doesn sound as sexy as "3 ways to creating your first million!") to do the inner work to discover which subconscious thoughts and patterns are keeping you stuck.

So if you've participated in growth programs (which I value a great deal!) but still aren't seeing results, this most likely is because of your subconscious thoughts which aren't aligned with your desired results.

In order to grow your business you first need to clear up your subconscious thoughts as these are the ones responsible for attracting your results.
I have seen this for myself and all of my clients.

Ask yourself: What am I making it mean I'm not as successful as I want to be? Dig deep. Go to that place where the big feelings are and feel them all the way through.

Ask yourself: What am I really (really) worried about here? And again, dig deep. Until you find answers and feelings you didn't even know you had…. What am I afraid of?

Create a curious mindset to discover your subconscious patterns. Get familiar with it. Get absolute clarity on what you're dealing with. Be soft and open.

This is what I work on with myself and my clients. Every day.

This is how:

First we find all the limiting patterns - I'll usually recognise these within minutes. We go in all the way. Looking underneath all the rocks. Clearing and cleaning. Healing when necessary.

Next we start building new beliefs. Small steps as we're working with a vulnerable mind.

With our new mindset we'll start to see new results showing up.

After working with me you've learned how to identify and dissolve limiting subconscious patterns and how to rebuild a mindset which matches your desired results.