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3 ways life coaching and human design super boost your personal growth

Life coaching is life changing. The impact on your life can be huge and so very effective.

Combine life coaching with human design and create even more self knowledge and thus impact!

3 ways how you can implement it to your life:

1: Energy type and why it's important

Getting to know your energy type can drastically change the way you want to do life, work… the way you want to do you. Understanding the different energy types and understanding how every person functions in different and unique ways means you no longer see value in the one size fits all systems our society is build upon.

She does it like that and that’s great. You do it like this and that’s equally as great.

Learning our energy type and most of all learning to decondition means investing time in opening new doors for yourself. Learn how you do life best and start to apply that to all areas of your life.

Manifesting generators and generators are energy generating types. Their energy flows mostly constant and when doing what they enjoy they actually generate so much energy it overflows to others. School days, working days and most of our societal systems are build for generator types and most of population is either a generator or a manifesting generator.

Manifestors, projectors and reflectors don’t have access to a constant energy flow. For these types it’s crucial to recharge much more often (every so many hours). Rest, downtime and time alone plays a huge part for them to be most productive.

2: Your wants are your intuiton showing you the way

What you want is not random! You are not a naive dreamy person for wanting to go for what you want. We’re told when we’re young to follow our dreams and once growing up we’re told to be realistic, to toughen up and to lower our standards. Human Design teaches us to learn to trust your wants again. These are not silly or unrealistic wants; no! It’s your intuition pinging you the way to go. This is for me! This will lead me to the next valuable experience. Probably not in a linear systematic way - society loves linear systems, life is not perse linear or plannable. Think about it!

3: How you digest information, social interactions and what are your strengths

Personality numbers are another piece of the puzzle of you being uniquely you. Society aims for one size fits all systems; but most of us don’t fit that size. And we don’t want to! It’s great to be different. That’s howall of us can make such an interesting whole.

You have so much more to offer if you would be in your strength being all that is you instead of when you’re trying to squeeze yourself in something that doesn’t fit you. If you’re a circle it’s hard to fit in a triangle. If you’re an amazing mango trying to be a peach you would miserably fail.

Find out what your number combination is. All of us are a combination of 2 numbers. It would be too detailed to fully dive into the numbers right here in this post.

The numbers indicate how a person digests information, where the strengths and weaknesses are and teaches us about social interactions.

As an example I’ll use my combination being a 6/2. The 6 indicates a teacher/wisdom energy. I gather information to apply to my personal growth and instictively I feel the urge to teach others / share with others my latest insights.

The 2 energy represents my need for alone time. I need to be alone to process life, my experiences and the wisdom flowing through me. To be able to share with others I’ll need to fill my cup by spending time on my own.

The 6 and 2 can feel contrasting at times - especially when unaware of these different energetic qualities. I need to share! I need to share! But I’m so depleted, I just want to be on my own and do nothing…

Where as using it in the positive it would translate into: I embrace my time of solitude and rest knowing it prepares me to create, produce and share high quality materials at another moment.

Human Design can show you you’re uniqueness and life coaching is the tool to first learn to decondition and later on to rebuild life on your terms. Build your dream life. Learn to use your uniqueness in the best possible way.

Find out what your design is (for free) at

If you want to dive deep into your design and want to learn the best life coaching tools to create the life you want; book a 3 session 1 on 1 with me for €300 / $329 (3 x one hour long sessions)

Or get on the waitlist for the next group coaching(online). We’ll be working in small groups, 3 x one hour sessions, including pdf notes and session playback. €50/ $55. Reserve your spot by emailing me at

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