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human design and life coaching

I teach conscious women to work through subconscious patterns and blocks; freeing the way to feel fullfilled, energized and empowered again


Jana, anthropologist & visual artist

Thanks to my sessions with Rose, I come to experience an interesting journey leading towards new discoveries about myself. During our first sessions, I was surprised how quickly Rose led me to the observations of how my feelings are linked to very specific ideas/thoughts, that I construct when interacting with other people in my social environments, at work, with my friends, and my family. Rose made me realize about available techniques I could use to develop an observational understanding of my socially experienced feelings. She introduced me to methods I can apply to conflicts re-acquiring in my social life. During the sessions, she encourages me to explore my subconsciousness, by embracing and observing my feeling triggered by ideas, and pointed out how escaping and creating realities will encourage me to forget about emotions that may not be desirable. Rose lead our meetings very gently. She listened, analyzed, and unveiled hidden connectivities between feelings and ideas I create in my social life. In addition to our actual sessions, later, and until today,  when I am faced with various life situations, her voice is my companion.  I am no longer alone on my journey towards a better understanding of the hidden sense of myself.

Melissa, student

I have absolutely loved my experience working with Rose, she is kind and supportive and I feel safe to open up and share parts of myself that we want to explore.

Working with Rose has helped me understand myself and how I interact with the world. Learning how to listen to signals from my body and how to incorporate it into decision making has lead me to make choices that align with my truest path. It’s helpful to talk through your experiences and be asked guiding questions for really dig deep and get to know your core belief system.

Talking with someone who understands how energy works and is received by us as humans with unique energy systems has opened my mind to new perceptions and taught me to listen to my inner guidance rather than going off only what others have told me.

I’ve learned how important it is to be in tune with your truest self because that is the most reliable path to your path of happiness. Each person functions a little differently and it’s important to work one on one and develop a personal understanding with someone who has studied the human design and can teach you.

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Karen W, narrator/writer

I did an online Life Coaching session with Roos as part of her training process, and found her to be wonderfully kind, thoughtful and perceptive. She listened actively to my thoughts around the life- and career-transitions I'm going through and gently prodded with questions that had me seeing things from enough of a different perspective that I was able to be a bit more objective about my worries.

Most powerfully, toward the end of our session, she asked me how I would feel if I did not continue to pursue the new career path I'm on. I was hit immediately by a wave of sadness, which pretty much gave me the information I needed. That experience has stuck with me since our conversation, and has helped me to stay on this path, even when my confidence is undermined by outside forces.

Karen W.

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